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ConnCAT Mission

To inspire, motivate, and prepare youth and adults for educational and career advancement, through after-school arts, and job training programming.

ConnCAT Vision

To create a learning environment that inspires hope, innovation, creativity, and excellence while providing a path for individuals to revitalize the landscape of the urban community.

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ConnCAT Family Testimonials

I’m a single mother of two and new here to Connecticut. All my life I lived in Camden, South Jersey, where I worked job after job. I came here to provide a better life for myself and my sons. My time at ConnCAT has been a new and exciting journey. It has been a wonderful source of change in my life.

Danielle McCormick, Medical Billing and Coding Cohort I, ProDental, Branford, CT.

One year ago, I was unsure about where my future was headed. My professional compass was broken down and I had lost my direction. I needed to recreate myself, and the medical coding course at ConnCAT helped me do just that. I grew to care for my classmates, the staff and the ConnCAT environment. It is an environment that welcomes creativity and breeds success.

Pierre Goubourn II, Medical Billing and Coding Cohort I, ConnCAT, New Haven, CT.

I learned the technique of drawing blood properly, and I experienced working in a lab and hospital setting for the first time. However, my learning hasn’t just been about phlebotomy. My experiences at ConnCAT have helped me build confidence in myself and in my future. Because of the time I spent here, I am able to start a new career. The direction of my life has changed.

Tracey Branch, Phlebotomy Cohort I,

My time at ConnCAT was one of both personal and professional growth. I learned that there is much more to being a phlebotomist than technical skills. Prior to attending ConnCAT, I worked as an Electro-Mechanic and Electronic-Technician for almost ten years. This experience has inspired me to become a lifelong learner.

Omar Downer, Phlebotomy Cohort I, U.S. Labs, North Haven, CT.

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