Career Pathways Program

The Career Pathways Program is integrated into ConnCAT programs and complements our classroom instruction and externship. Through a series of targeted and timely professional development lessons, Career Pathways develops and improves skills necessary to secure employment and advance in the workplace. These skills serve ConnCAT adult learners beyond graduation and provide them life skills to help apply what they’ve learned in the classroom.

The Career Pathways Program aims to:

  • Cultivate a commitment to lifelong learning
  • Reinforce self-awareness of employable skills
  • Develop a healthy, career-ready attitude and outlook in ConnCAT’s adult learners.


Job Club Program

ConnCAT leverages the power of peer learning and influence through its Job Club Program. Adult learners in transition—those who have completed their externship and are awaiting graduation from their training program—are enrolled in the Job Club Program, where they participate in multiple career readiness activities through one-on-one or group sessions or workshops.

The Job Club Program is rooted in the belief that:

  • Each group member has something valuable to contribute
  • Everyone benefits from an encouraging environment
  • A positive and proactive attitude is critical to both job search success and career longevity.

Job Club Program members schedule one-on-one sessions through Career Pathways to receive assistance with the job search process. ConnCAT will also provide overarching support to all Job Club members through multiple activities, including:

  • Offering targeted workshops including:
    • resume and cover letter development
    • mock interviews
    • best practices for company research
    • networking techniques and appropriate use of social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Hosting motivational guest speakers
  • Providing additional job search processes, tools, and strategies as needed.

Discussion topics vary according to the needs of Job Club Program members.